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Use the pictures below to compare with the information you have about global warming. Glaciers are melting at an advanced rate and the mountains once covered are losing snow in feet. Together we can help our world just by recycling and reusing products, using green power sources, and increasing the amount of insulation in our homes. Go to your local book store or library and find a good book about going green and join in the efforts to save our earth.

Greenland in 1992 on the left and in 2002 on the right. The amount of ice that has melted is extream and the time period very short.
You can see how the ice has melted over the years from the photographs above of this mountain. Due to the effects of global warming.
A picture showing the amount of storms that are forming in the world, Al Gore tells us their forming because of Global Warming. Together we can make a united difference in our world if we make the right steps with the use of renewable energy sources. 
As we can see from the lights in this picture to the right it shows who is contributing the most to the use of the worlds natural resources. We need to unite to help the nations in need of energy, and also to save our earth from global warming.
The Polar Bears depend on the glaciers in the north for their very survival. Global warming effects not only us but also all the precious animals on the earth.
The top picture on the left was taken in 2007 the bottom picture was taken on average between 1979 and 1981. As you can see a considerable amount of the north pole has melted in such a short time. 
The ice of the north pole is melting above are pictures to show us that the earth itself is crying tears.
As we can see on the right in 1909 the Northwestern Glacier was quite visible but by 2005 the Northwestern Glacier looks non existent.

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A poem is a poem when it speaks to you with love.
A poem is a poem when it draws you close to God above.
A poem is a poem when it moves your heart within.
A poem is a poem when it inspires your mind to win.

I want a poem to teach me something new.
I want a poem to teach me something true.
I want a poem to inspire my heart and mind.
I want a poem to touch my heart and make me cry.

A poem that is a poem bringing me closer to love.
 A poem that is a poem calling to me as God above.
A poem unlike any poem before.
A poem that open’s secret doors.
​The door to my heart.
The door to my mind.

I want a poem to teach me for all time.
A poem which is a poem, speaking to me with love.
A poem which is a poem drawing me closer to God above.

A Poem